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Do Not Work For This Man!

Brian Seiferlein, formerly of First Mountain Mortgage, and currently of Allstate Insurance, leaves a hilarious message for someone firing them ...

Clark County Common Pleas Court



16-CV-0250 - Allstate Property & Casualty Insurance Co., v. Bennie King IV, 1050 Cheyenne Ave., complaint for $7,283 for damages and injuries suffered by plaintiff’s insured due to an auto accident on April 28, 2015.

16-DS-0316 - Deborah Toops, Marysville, and Richard Toops, South Vienna, petition for dissolution of marriage.

16-DP-0317 - Raymond Eugene Smith, 1423 N. Belmont Ave., v. Yannick Wabika, Albion, Ind., petition for civil stalking protection order.


State of Ohio v. Shannon Miller, community control terminated due to violation, six months prison for offense of breaking and entering, jail credit for time served.

Heartland of Springfield OH, LLC, dba Heartland of Springfield, v. Luvenia Hampton, et al., judgment for $60,606.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee, v. Melissa K. Tannyhill aka Melissa K. Tanyhill, et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Substantial Compliance is Now Law of the Land for Florida Breach Letters

Mortgage Corp. , 138 So.3d 1192 (Fla. 5th DCA 2014), which borrowers interpreted as rejecting the notion that substantial compliance applies to a mortgage contract and that strict compliance should be the standard. In the wake of the chaos caused by Samaroo and Haberl , the Florida District Courts of Appeal (of which there are five and are only inferior to the Florida Supreme Court) have examined the issue of whether strict or substantial compliance with Paragraph 22 of the mortgage is required in Florida and until recently, all five were not clearly in alignment.

The First District Court of Appeal has long held that “no recovery can be had with regard to performance of [a] contract absent substantial compliance with [a] condition precedent.” Seaside Cmty. Dev. Corp. , 573 So.3d at 145. Although Seaside clearly supports substantial compliance, the opinion there was not issued in the context of a Paragraph 22 challenge. Indeed, the Second District Court of Appeal in Green Tree Servicing, LLC v. Milam , 177 So.3d 7 (Fla. 2d DCA 2015), was the first to address the standard in relation to this specific factual context. In Milam , the court held that it was clear that the court must “interpret and apply the provisions of mortgages the same way [the courts] interpret and apply the provisions of any other contract” and “[i]n Florida, a party's adherence to contractual conditions precedent is evaluated for substantial compliance or substantial performance.” See id at 13. The court in Milam specifically reviewed the lender's breach letter in comparison to the mortgage's requirement that the borrower be advised of his/her right to reinstate after acceleration and to raise defenses to the foreclosure proceedings. In discussing the standard of review for the breach letter, the court stated that “[w]hen the content of a lender's notice letter is nearly equivalent to or varies in only immaterial respects from what the mortgage requires, the letter substantially complies, and a minor variation from the terms of paragraph twenty-two should not preclude a foreclosure action.” See id at 14-15.

How do insurance agents make money?

Just wondering....Im starting a new job for ALLSTATE, and also as a mortgage broker!
I know how the mortgage part of it works, but how do insurance agents get paid?
How much should you expect?

Insurance agents are compensated by a percentage of the premiums they write with the company. Depending upon the type of insurance that percentage can be anywhere between 7 and 20%. You won't be making a living on 10 clients.