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Do Not Work For This Man!

Brian Seiferlein, formerly of First Mountain Mortgage, and currently of Allstate Insurance, leaves a hilarious message for someone firing them ...

Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



16-CV-0706 - Karen R. Thomas, 628 Portage Path and Kimara A. Carey, 1620 N. Yellow Springs, v. Pekin Insurance Company and Wilber Lee Monroe, 2125 S. Tecumseh Road, #224, et al., complaint in excess of $25,000 for damages and injuries suffered in an auto accident on July 6, 2015.

16-CV-0707 - Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., v. Michael S. Creager, 3039 Lynnhaven St., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $73,554.

16-DR-0943 - Tracy Overman, 2155 Columbus Ave., v. John Overman Sr., 1724 Crestview Dr., complaint for divorce.

16-DR-0944 - Christina Nicolai, 1214 Ferndale Lane, v. Michael Nicolai, c/o 2155 Columbus Ave., complaint for divorce.

16-DR-0945 - Elizabeth Swisher, 1596 N. Star, v. Gregory Lind, 1596 N. Star, complaint for divorce.

16-DP-0946 - Carl E. Farmer, 231 N. Douglas Ave., v. Pernell Robert Banks, 231 N. Douglas Ave., petition for civil stalking protection order.

16-DS-0947 - Krista Ferguson, New Carlisle, and Michael Ferguson, Troy, petition for dissolution of marriage.

How to Pay Down Debt and Save at the Same Time (Without a ...

While there’s no magic wand (and few are blessed with an inheritance from a rich uncle), there are ways to pay down your debt while saving money for the future.

Repeat after me: No more new debt. Whether getting into debt was your “fault” or just a matter of bad luck, you have spent money on things you can’t afford. It’s time to stop. Rip up your credit cards or at the very least, give them to a friend to hold onto. Change your spending habits. Think before you buy. Do you really need the designer brand shampoo? Can you give yourself a pedicure? Have you tried the store brand cereal? When’s the last time you clipped coupons? Go to the grocery store with a list and stick to it. Cut out the fluff. You may think you HAVE to have cable when you already subscribe to two streaming services. Or you HAVE to have a landline even though both you and your spouse (not to mention each of your kids) have

How do insurance agents make money?

Just wondering....Im starting a new job for ALLSTATE, and also as a mortgage broker!
I know how the mortgage part of it works, but how do insurance agents get paid?
How much should you expect?

Insurance agents are compensated by a percentage of the premiums they write with the company. Depending upon the type of insurance that percentage can be anywhere between 7 and 20%. You won't be making a living on 10 clients.