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Do Not Work For This Man!

Brian Seiferlein, formerly of First Mountain Mortgage, and currently of Allstate Insurance, leaves a hilarious message for someone firing them ...

Martin, St. Lucie County public records: April 22, 2017

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'How many times can I lose everything?': Insurance claim denied after woman's spouse sets fire to bedroom

"He went upstairs, and I thought he was going to leave," she told CBC News. "He came back down with a barbecue lighter and set the whole bedskirt on fire, just from one end straight to the other." 

Robison grabbed the dog and her cellphone and escaped unharmed. Her husband, Adam Van Es, was arrested that night and later charged with one count of arson with disregard for human life. He pleaded guilty and in March was sentenced to two years less a day. 

"I'm lucky I got out," said Robison, who lives in Collingwood, Ont., about 150 km northwest of Toronto.

What luck she had would soon run out. Despite being a victim of arson, Robison's insurance company, Allstate, denied her claim. The company says her "VIP" homeowner policy is "null and void" because her husband, who was insured under the same policy, had intentionally set the fire. 

Partner's actions 'intentional or criminal'

It turns out, the law is on Allstate's side.

How do insurance agents make money?

Just wondering....Im starting a new job for ALLSTATE, and also as a mortgage broker!
I know how the mortgage part of it works, but how do insurance agents get paid?
How much should you expect?

Insurance agents are compensated by a percentage of the premiums they write with the company. Depending upon the type of insurance that percentage can be anywhere between 7 and 20%. You won't be making a living on 10 clients.