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Do Not Work For This Man!

Brian Seiferlein, formerly of First Mountain Mortgage, and currently of Allstate Insurance, leaves a hilarious message for someone firing them ...

Ascension Parish Civil Court Cases for Jan. 9-13, 2017

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Lorenzo D. Ennis and Felica D. Ennis, executory process.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. v. Michael Polar Sr. and Linda D. Polar, executory process.

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Assoc. v. Tremaine Leroy Johnson and Jennifer Jefferson Johnson, executory process.

State of Louisiana Department Transportation and Development v. Danielle M. Simoneaux, damages.

Worlds Foremost Bank v. Amber L. Kimble, open account.

Louisiana State Of. v. Sergio Diaz Martinez, forfeiture/seizure.

Daron Toussant III v. Gomez Richardo Martinez, Richardo Martinez Gomez and Star Indemnity and Liability, damages.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Stanley Jasinski III, open account.

Frank Edwin Mays, Catherine Elizabeth Mays and John Patrick Mays v. Guardianship.

Mary Danielle Pepple v. Krystal Verrett and Geico Casualty Co., damages.

Jennifer R. Sibley v. John Dewey Bernhard, Allstate Insurance Co., Danny Wayne Bowlin and Go Auto Insurance Co., damages.

Chancing it no more | TribLIVE

In Westmoreland County, many homes are built on top of old mines. I always knew insurance was available through the government, but put off purchasing it.

After the home in Latrobe shifted ( “Family rescued from home buckling on cracked foundation” ), I called Allstate, which holds my mortgage insurance. A staff member did all the filing for me, and all I did was drop off the check. It was that easy.

You would think I would have woken up after one home near me had methane gas from a mine leaking into it, and the homeowner had to move out while the foundation was lifted and rebuilt. Another homeowner put on an addition, and there were mine tracks where they dug the basement.

It took seeing the home in Latrobe to put me into action. All these gas wells being dug around here could cause shifting of mines, as no one knows the long-term effects of drilling down through the ground so deep, through rock, and forcing water in there.

How do insurance agents make money?

Just wondering....Im starting a new job for ALLSTATE, and also as a mortgage broker!
I know how the mortgage part of it works, but how do insurance agents get paid?
How much should you expect?

Insurance agents are compensated by a percentage of the premiums they write with the company. Depending upon the type of insurance that percentage can be anywhere between 7 and 20%. You won't be making a living on 10 clients.