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Western Alliance Rides Rate Increases to Success

Western Alliance has a sunny summer

Western Alliance's third-quarter results were consistent with the bank's performance in previous quarters . Net operating revenue was higher by 17% to $246.9 million, which compared favorably to what most of those following the stock had expected to see. Net income of $111.1 million was higher by an even more impressive 34%, and the resulting earnings of $1.05 per share topped the consensus forecast among investors for $1.03 per share.

From a fundamental perspective, Western Alliance enjoyed considerable gains in key metrics. Loan growth was impressive, with the bank adding $2.21 billion in loans over the course of the year to reach $16.73 billion, a 15% increase. Deposit growth accelerated during the quarter, and a $2 billion increase to deposits brought the new total to $18.91 billion, higher by 12% from year-ago levels.

Measures of performance showed similar strength. Net interest margin improved by 0.07 percentage points to 4.72%, showing the support from the more favorable interest rate environment. Return on assets of 2.07% and return on tangible common equity of 20.57% were both considerably higher from year-earlier levels, and Western Alliance's tangible common equity ratio reached 10%, up from 9.4% in the third quarter of 2017. Tangible book value per share jumped 18% to $20.70, and a modest adverse move in its operating efficiency ratio was one of the bank's only black marks.

Investors speak out against Fortress Real

“This week, my wife was having chest pains worrying about this,” said the 50-year-old investor. “She’s a year older than me and thought she was having a heart attack. It’s not pretty. If we knew our money was safe and growing, we wouldn’t have these anxieties.”

In 2014, the investor pulled his money out of Apple stocks and invested it a Fortress Real mortgage for a development called Capital Point in Regina. He earned quarterly dividends of $2,504, the last of which arrived in Nov. 2016. A $12 monthly fee is still being drawn from the investor’s bank account.

A mortgage agent, who worked for Centro Mortgage Inc.—which eventually became Building Development and Mortgages Canada, a brokerage controlled by Fortress Real—is alleged to have convinced the investor to invest in Capital Point.

The agent, reached by, refused to answer questions and abruptly hung up the phone.

“The early days were fine,” said the investor. They were paying us interest and the money was growing for probably the first two years, and then I started seeing news releases about Fortress. I’d reach out to (the agent) and he said there’s nothing to worry about, everyone is getting their money back. The last email I got from him was in June.

How long to you think the rich are going to float the bill before they leave the US with their money?

Here is a list of companies that have already relocated. Everyday the list grows. Who will pay for the underprivileged when all we are is peasants waiting for the bread line to open.

I'm not really a specialist in this area at all, but I get the impression a lot of the issues that we are all experiencing now are because of fraud in the American investment scene.

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