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Builders Capital Mortgage Corp. Announces Completion of Private Placement of Class A Non-Voting Shares

CALGARY, Alberta, May 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Builders Capital Mortgage Corp. (TSX-V: BCF ) (“Builders Capital”) is pleased to announce that it has completed a non-brokered private placement of 95,000 Class A Non-Voting Shares at a price of $10.00 per share for gross aggregate proceeds of $950,000.

A finder’s fee of $44,000 will be paid in connection with this private placement, of which $20,000 will be paid to Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

The Class A Non-Voting Shares issued under this private placement are subject to a four month hold period which will expire on September 3, 2018.

The proceeds from the private placement will be used to fund additional loans to approved members of the home construction industry and to add to working capital.

Are These 11% Dividend Yields for Real?

The great dividend conundrum

However, dividends also offer investors quite the conundrum: We want the highest yield possible, but we also want the payout to be sustainable over a long period of time. Though each case varies, the higher the yield, the more unsustainable the payout . Remember, dividend yield is a function of the total payout and a stock's share price. As an example, if a company's underlying business model is in trouble, and its share price loses 50%, its dividend yield will double, providing a dangerous lure for unsuspecting investors.

This battle between our better judgment and our desire for the highest yield imaginable is often waged most fiercely among dividend stocks with double-digit yields. Right now, there are around 100 publicly traded stocks paying out in excess of 10% annually, albeit this figure may include one-time special dividends paid out over the past year.

Are these high-yielding dividends sustainable?

How long to you think the rich are going to float the bill before they leave the US with their money?

Here is a list of companies that have already relocated. Everyday the list grows. Who will pay for the underprivileged when all we are is peasants waiting for the bread line to open.

I'm not really a specialist in this area at all, but I get the impression a lot of the issues that we are all experiencing now are because of fraud in the American investment scene.

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