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Early movers are getting a jump on opportunity zones – and the future of community investing

[Dropcap]E[/dropcap]very day is International Women’s Day in impact investing. Solutions in every domain, from climate to food to education to broad economic inclusion, depend on women’s leadership and equal participation. The remarkable progress of women over the last century sets up a truly huge opportunity in this century to drive progress for all. Women’s leadership and full participation could dramatically boost the global economy, inclusive prosperity and human well-being. ImpactAlpha has been tracking Women Rising since launch. Some markers: $28 trillion: the boost to global GDP if women participated equally in the global economy. Three-quarters: The worldwide share of discretionary spending expected to be controlled by women by 2028 Two-thirds: The share of total U.S. wealth expected to be controlled by women in 2028. $560 Million: the total invested with a gender lens in public equities and debt.

How long to you think the rich are going to float the bill before they leave the US with their money?

Here is a list of companies that have already relocated. Everyday the list grows. Who will pay for the underprivileged when all we are is peasants waiting for the bread line to open.

I'm not really a specialist in this area at all, but I get the impression a lot of the issues that we are all experiencing now are because of fraud in the American investment scene.