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Allegiance Credit Union's 48th Annual Meeting

Come on down to the Allegiance Credit Union Game Show! A recap of our 48th Annual Meeting at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum on ...

Welcome to Jobs Day

Congressional leaders at 11:30 a.m. will once again travel to the White House to seek a path forward on the shutdown. Trump indicated Thursday he would veto House-passed measures to fund shuttered agencies …

December jobs report at 8:30 a.m. expected to show a gain of 180K with joblessness staying at 3.7 percent and hourly earnings up 0.3 percent … Fed Chair Jay Powell appears at 10:15 a.m. in Atlanta.

Powell’s challenge — Fed Chair Powell is under some heavy pressure (from Trump and investors) to more clearly telegraph to markets that while the U.S. economy remains strong, the central bank will be highly sensitive to signs of a slowdown including possibly taking its balance sheet reduction program off of auto pilot.

A good jobs report and a strong showing from Powell are desperately needed on Friday. If either goes wonky, watch out. Mohamed El-Erian offers some helpful hints for Powell here . Meanwhile, investors are now betting on a rate CUT by 2020.

Southern Nazarene University grad to take top job at Allegiance Credit Union

“Graduates tell us the degree has been instrumental in helping them achieve their career goals, Southern Nazarene is making a tremendous impact in the Oklahoma City metro area,” said Dr. Kirk Jackson, director Graduate Business Programs. “The success of our graduates is the result of a number of factors coming together: highly motivated learners, rigorous curriculum, the supportive cohort structure, and encouraging faculty and administration.  Every successful student is a testimony of the mission of our university.” 

SNU offers four bachelor’s degree completion programs with classes that meet only one night per week. Adult learners attend one class at a time and go through the program with a cohort group.

Most graduate programs are also offered in the a format that is convenient for working adults.

Downs chose SNU because of the quality of education and the camaraderie among the working adults, who -like her- were trying to make their way through the college material.

Am I a Democrat or Republican?

I found this quiz but I have different answers than many of the questions allow. What do you think?

1. Corporations, if left unregulated will end up destroying the environment.



Sounds like you're a fairly conservative Democrat.

Republicans won't generally tolerate ideas like "Increase funding for the DoE" or "Drilling for oil in Alaska is bad" or "Public schools should teach all religions.