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Allegiance Credit Union

2917 Pioneer St Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Allegiance Credit Union's 48th Annual Meeting

Come on down to the Allegiance Credit Union Game Show! A recap of our 48th Annual Meeting at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum on ...

Yes American 1 and CP Federal Announce Record-Breaking Fundraiser Results for Hospice Home FOX 47


President/CEO of CP Federal Credit Union and Chair for the Henry Ford Allegiance Hospice Board Chrissy Siders stated, “I am overwhelmed by the passion and commitment exuded by the CP Federal Credit Union and American 1 Credit Union team. Our collaboration alongside the Henry Ford Allegiance Health team generated not only a substantial financial gift but also an impactful contribution for the families in our community who desire for their loved one to receive their end of life care at the Henry Ford Allegiance Hospice Home. I am honored to be part of this team and the Jackson Community and grateful for the sponsors for their support of this gem in our community.”

Martha Fuerstenau, President/CEO of American 1 Credit Union and Vice Chair for the Henry Ford Allegiance Health Board of Trustees said, “The partnership between our two credit unions boldly states that we are committed to the communities we serve and the sustainment of important organizations such as the Henry Ford Allegiance Hospice Home. To the community, volunteers, sponsors and staff who made this event possible, thank you. Your tireless work for the betterment of our community makes me proud every day.

My Take on the News

Community. Two months ago, the respondents to a survey were asked to rate the level of religious coercion that they believed exists in Israel on a scale of one to ten. On the political left, the average response was 6.2. Between the left and center, the average rose to 8, while the average response among centrists was 7.4. Between the center and the right, the average was 5.5, while on the right itself, it was still a whopping 4.7. The respondents were then asked whether they personally felt that they had encountered religious coercion. To that question, 59 percent of the supporters of Yesh Atid answered in the affirmative, while 41 percent responded in the negative—which means that Yair Lapid himself is far removed from a large portion of his voter base. Among the supporters of the Zionist Camp, 78 percent of the respondents answered in the affirmative. Among Likud voters, 76 percent replied that they do not feel religious coercion in their own lives, but almost a quarter replied that they do.

Am I a Democrat or Republican?

I found this quiz but I have different answers than many of the questions allow. What do you think?

1. Corporations, if left unregulated will end up destroying the environment.



Sounds like you're a fairly conservative Democrat.

Republicans won't generally tolerate ideas like "Increase funding for the DoE" or "Drilling for oil in Alaska is bad" or "Public schools should teach all religions.

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