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Confronting Finance: Mobilizing the 99% for Economic and Social Progress

The unfolding economic crisis has unequivocally proved that neoliberal policies were no better for growth than for social progress. As poverty and ...

Financial Task Force Monitor Pakistan's Progress on Anti-Terror Financing

A delegation from the global financial watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has held meetings with Pakistani authorities to review the country's measures against money laundering and terror financing.

A six-member team from the Asia Pacific Group (APG) was in Islamabad this past week to monitor Pakistan’s progress after the country was placed on FATF’s gray list in June, following months of negotiation by Pakistan to avoid being put in the list.

At the time, Pakistan submitted a comprehensive 26-point strategy to fight terror financing and ensured the international community that it will take adequate steps to bar militant groups from laundering money. But Pakistan’s efforts failed to convince the global watchdog, and Islamabad was placed on the watchdog’s list.

This week, the FATF representatives met with government officials in Pakistan and evaluated the country’s progress in its fight against terror financing. The APG delegation will submit its findings to the Paris-based FATF.

Financial Inclusion: Work in Progress

By Christine Joyce S. Castañeda, Senior Researcher

THINKING of saving the monetary gifts her son gets — and will receive in the future — Lampell, 37, decided to open an account for her then six-month-old child, Nathan.

Lahat ng money na bigay sa kanya, doon nakalagay (We deposit to the bank all the money given to him),” Lampell said.

Pang-aral nya sa college ang perang naipon doon (We will use the money to finance his college education),” she added, noting that she would rather have the money for safekeeping on one of the country’s largest banks rather than use it in availing educational plans.

Meanwhile, Nenett was encouraged by her sister, Roselle, who’s been working in the US since 2001 — to open a bank account. For Roselle, banks are safer channels for sending remittances to Nenett and their family in the Philippines. Nenett now uses the account not only to receive the money sent by her sister, but also for her savings.

I checked my status of my application to Rutgers University, says Financial aid in progress? Accepted?

I went to go check my application status online and I haven't recieved a letter just yet from the school, but it says Financial aid in progress.

They are probably processing your financial aid information or awaiting your submission.

The best way to find out would be to call the school and ask about your application.