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Confronting Finance: Mobilizing the 99% for Economic and Social Progress

The unfolding economic crisis has unequivocally proved that neoliberal policies were no better for growth than for social progress. As poverty and ...

British lawmakers call for tougher pay gap rules

LONDON, June 13 (Reuters) - Britain’s new gender pay gap rules should be tightened to ensure that highly-paid partners at consultancies, accountants and law firms cannot circumvent the spirit of the legislation, a parliamentary committee told the government on Wednesday.

The cross-party Treasury Committee said in its Women in Finance report it is “outrageous” to omit partners’ remuneration from the data. The report was published after an inquiry that began last October into how women are represented and progress in finance.

Hoping to highlight gender discrimination and force companies into action, the government announced new rules last year that order firms with 250 or more employees to publish the difference between the average pay of male and female staff every year.

However, although partners at professional services companies have a similar status to senior executives, they can be excluded from pay gap calculations because they are considered business owners rather than employees.

Fed snapshot shows financial preparedness progress

But while the Fed's report highlighted that households have made great strides, it also exposed some lingering problems. For example, four in 10 adults, if faced with an unexpected expense of $400, would either not be able to cover it or would do so by selling something or borrowing money. Forty percent represents an improvement from half of adults in 2013 being ill-prepared for such an expense.

Another outgrowth of the recession was the increase in the number of people who have come to depend on financial support from, or provide such support to, their family or friends. Last year, approximately 1 in 10 adults received some form of financial support from someone living outside of their home.

Most commonly, that support was between parents and adult children. The money was for general expenses; help with rent or mortgage; educational expenses; and assistance making student loan payments. The support also went in the other direction, between adult children and their parents over the age of 60.

I checked my status of my application to Rutgers University, says Financial aid in progress? Accepted?

I went to go check my application status online and I haven't recieved a letter just yet from the school, but it says Financial aid in progress.

They are probably processing your financial aid information or awaiting your submission.

The best way to find out would be to call the school and ask about your application.