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Is a Reverse Mortgage the Right Choice for You?— AARP Bulletin

A tale of two reverse mortgage borrowers who had two very different outcomes.

A Roundtable Discussion on Wealth Management: Executive Divorce

HEATHER LOCUS is an owner and founder of the Divorce Practice Group at Balasa Dinverno Foltz (BDF) LLC, an independent private wealth management firm with offices in Chicago and Itasca. Her Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designations, training in divorce mediation, and experience as a parent and business owner enables her to help clients evaluate and balance the financial and emotional components of divorce. She's been named a "Top 200 Top Wealth Adviser Mom" by Working Mother, a "Best-In-State Wealth Advisor" by Forbes, an "Influential Woman in Business" by the Daily Herald Business Ledger and a "Five Star Wealth Manager" by Chicago Magazine. As a speaker, she shares strategies for a financially responsible divorce. As an author and source, she contributes to The Wall Street Journal, AARP Bulletin, Divorce Magazine and Family Lawyer. She recently published her first book, "The Next Chapter: A Practical Roadmap for Navigating Through, and Beyond, Divorce.

What you don't know about Social Security could cost you a lot of ...

A key part of your retirement planning should be an understanding of your Social Security benefits. This monthly check is a safety net, and the timing of when you start taking benefits can be a game changer.

“If you have average earnings, your Social Security retirement benefits will replace only about 40 percent,” the Social Security Administration says. “The percentage is lower for people in the upper income brackets and higher for people with low incomes.”

So how much do you know about the benefit that, for many of you, will make up so much of your retirement income?

I don’t ask that to make you feel stupid. The Social Security system is complicated. There are many variables to consider as you decide when to claim your benefits.

But the more you know, the more likely you’ll make a better decision about the right time to begin collecting your benefits.

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